FAST Web Server and Database
The focus of OpO is performance. OpO is not only a fast web server and a fast database it also provides a framework for developing high performance web applications. The WABuR OSS project demonstrates this high performance by achieving over 200,000 requests/second using a Ruby core.
OpO takes an innovative approach to application design by combining two common services, a web server and a database into one component. Javascript web applications can access data efficiently and embedded Ruby business logic compliments the high performance services provided by OpO. Of course OpO can be used simply as a web server or as just a high performance JSON database.
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OpO does not have to stand alone. There are several open source projects related to OpO.

  • OpO-C is a C client for OpO.
  • Oj is a fast JSON parser for Ruby.
  • OjC is a C version of the Oj JSON parser.
  • WABuR OpO-Rub (part of OpO) is built to support the Web Applicaiton Builder using Ruby (WABuR) which allows the use of the OpO services with a Ruby core. It is by far the most high performance option for building web sites with Ruby.
  • Agoo is fast web server as a Ruby gem.

Documentation for the OpO triple store database contains information about the HTTP API while the OpO-C documentation describes the client APIs. OpO use a JSON query language called TQL which provides options not found in other JSON databases.

Release notes are on the download page while plans for upcoming features are on the plans page.

News and Blog
February 01, 2018
A sister project, Agoo is a fast web server gem that shares some of the code in OpO. It supports the Ruby Rack API.
December 20, 2017
The OpO client API in C, OpO-C is ready. Benchmarks hit over 400,000 queries per second on a four core desktop machine.
September 28, 2017
OpO-Rub, the Ruby runner for WABuR has been released with impressive performance numbers.

A blog has been kept since the start of OpO. It includes rambling about what direction to take OpO as well as the latest news.


Benchmarks cover performance benchmarks for OpO as a simple web server, a database server, and as a web framework. In each case OpO performance is compared to the industry leader in that area. In each case Opo leaves the others far behind.

  • 2x faster faster than NGINX with lower latency.
  • 10x to 100x times faster than MongoDB with a similar differences on latency.
  • 1000x faster than Ruby on Rails with latency 1000x lower.