OpO FAST Web Server and Database

OpO is a fast web server and database combined. The can be used as a triple store or for storing JSON. OpO-Rub also includes an embedded Ruby interpreter that can be used with the WABuR OSS project to provide support for Ruby that is literally thousands of times faster than Rails.

For more information and for updates check the OpO web site. For support contact support@opo.technology.


The Documentation section includes a general description of the OpO features and capabilities along with details on each API, the configuration options, and performance optimization.

The documentation is organized hierarchically by API first then by data type and finally by operation. The basic data type in the store is a quad. On top of that are trees which is how JSON is represented.

Access (not yet implemented)

Pages are provided that allow access to the OpO data using web forms and javascript. All access pages use the HTTP APIs available to any other application. Providing access to data is controlled by the configuration options described in the settings section.

Access to data follows the same model as the HTTP REST APIs. Both triple and tree (JSON) data can be accessed using different forms.

Settings (not yet implemented)

A single configuration file is used to set the OpO options. A description of the options are included in the default opo.conf and opo-rub.conf files. More details are also included in the settings section.

With the proper authorization most of the settings can be changed through this set of pages. Changing options such as the storage location or the HTTP port should be done with care.